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The restaurant is located on one of the most beautiful and characteristic spots of Mergozzo and it is the last of Giordano e Patrizia’s creations who have been managing the bakery (with the same name) founded in 1957 for several years.
Together with Carlo, they inaugurate the place with a splendid party in February, an event which represents their competent and creative management which still characterizes their business today.

Born under the name of “the Fugascina Cafeteria: Bread, Wine and Smiles, the management has immediately expanded the initial business by introducing an appreciated and imaginative restaurant where the flavors and the products of our lands are valued every day.

The Chef’s and the staff’s abilities together with Giordano and Carlo’s host hospitality made it possible for the business to be noticed and reviewed on one of the most famous and nationally acknowledged enogastronomic magazine,

the Golosario by Paolo Massobrio:

“The fugascinais one of our favourite cakes and the bakery that produces it is located on a beautiful spot overlooking the charming lake of Mergozzo. The environment is beautiful, romantic and it features high rock arches. The cooking intelligently values the local food and the lake’s products of which the owners have a deep knowledge. Therefore, the place offers freshly fished lake fish (especially perch fish), homemade cakes and a varied wine menu.
One thing to be tasted is the Baraggia’s black rice timbale with perch fish, the missultin ravioli, the fried fish fished from the lake, the Piemonte tartare, the fried lavarello, the 4-lake-fish hamburger with fennel salad. And as a dessert? Well, the amazing Fugascina, of which the owner is the creator.”

From the Michein guide:

“Directly on the little square and featuring an enjoyable de hors, this nice cafeteria offers both plates from the regional tradition or happy hours.”

The place is warm and refined and its menu every week and it also offers a wide choice of wines for the choice of which Giordano, renowed sommelier, will be able to give advice.


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Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 8
28802 Mergozzo VB

Phone: +39 0323 800970
Mobile: +39 334 1836915

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