Fattoriamo Farm

From a dream that came true : the passion for nature


FattoriAMO is a family farm
It is run by Vittoria e Luca, husband and wife who decided to leave the chaotic life of Milan to move in the Ossolan valleys on the Swiss border to create a new opportunity of growth and experience.

Vittoria and Luca’s story starts 10 years ago when they meet in Milan. Both are born and have lived in Milan but Vittoria’s life s a child has been on the Ossolan mountains, precisely in Premia, Verbania. Since she was a child, Vittoria is used to go and explore the Ossolan mountains, spending the great majority of her summer holidays on them.

When, as boyfriend and girlfriend, Vittoria brings Luca to Premia, he falls in love with it. Luca, then, makes Vittoria promise that one day they would have lived in Premia. In order to take this decision, the little Bea has to be born 4 years later.
The worries for the growth of the child in a city environment full of social tensions push Luca and Vittoria to move to Premia.
Their hope is to raise their child in a healthy environment, in contact with nature, where the attachment to traditions is still alive. However, both have a job: Luca works for a company who does traffic lights installations and Vittoria works as a natual engineer.

The hard times and the economic crisis surely do not facilitate their jobs. So, they decide to open a farm, by refurbishing a piece of land and an old cottage owned by Vittoria. The road is hard and difficult due to bureaucreatic difficulties.

Luca and Vittoria have the fortune to run into Prof. Stefano Costa who suggests that they propose a redevelopment project of a cheese factory to the farming institute Fobelli and the province. The project is approved and they can then have the building to start their business.
Luca buys a first lot of 17 goats in May 2012 and the adventure of Fattoriamo family farms starts. However, the moving to Premia has some negative effects since being far away from your original family and life can be hard sometimes.
But the satisfaction in seeing the little girl grow are a great reward. Three years later, the farm has grown and its products are today known and appreciated.


From goats

Ossolan goat cheese
Goat Primosale
Goat Ricotta
Goat Robiola
Goat milk Yogurt

Goat Salamino

From cow

Bettelmatt 60gg


A new idea to live in harmony with nature

Vittoria Luca and the little Bea are happy to host you in their B&B of Premia a few kilometrers away from the prestigious thermal site in Cadarese.
Also, you can easily walk to a small food store, a pharmacy, the psot office, the old church of S. Michele and a playground.
It can also be an interesting point of departure to go hiking to reach the small madonna dell’oro church, Termine ….. and the famous gorges of Uriezzo.


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via Rodis, 14
28866 Premia

Phone. 328.2247172

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